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On this site you'll find information about my books and performances along with descriptions and pictures. I hope that you will find all of the information you are looking for.
My presentation is "A Unique Historical Adventure For Any Occasion"

Kathleen D Lindsey
506 Elm St
Clayton NJ 08312


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Black History with Kathleen Lindsey

For centuries stories have been handed down concerning that secret system called, “The Underground Rail Road.” This organized system was a network of many sympathetic people who were willing to risk their lives for the cause of freedom. They used coded words, songs, quilts and the North Star that aided the runaway slaves to freedom. Many houses, churches, barns and schools were referred to as Safe Houses or Stations that served as hiding places or rest stops, on the secret railways, in search of freedom. Miss Kat portrays that famous U.R.R. conductor, Harriet Tubman who, after becoming free, secretly stole her way back into the slave states and rescued over 300 of her people, and never lost a passenger. As a storyteller and historian, Kathleen D. Lindsey continues to educate and bring awareness to all nationalities not only during Black History Month, but celebrates her ancestry year round.